My approach to teaching comes from 20 years experience teaching in traditional and non-traditional settings. As an academic, I have taught large introductory classes, smaller seminar classes (at both the doctoral and undergraduate levels), and online courses. Past and current courses include comparative politics, environmental politics (global and domestic), sustainable development, democracy and dictatorship, Latin American politics and qualitative methods. Before joining academia I worked for a decade as a facilitator, corporate trainer, developer of educational materials, and lecturer on international affairs. Read a statement of my teaching philosophy here.

Recent Courses:

PS 204: Introduction to Comparative Politics, physical and online versions (undergrad)

PS 297: Introduction to Environmental Politics (undergrad)

PS 399: Politics of Sustainable Development (undergrad seminar)

HONR 2048: Global Environmental Politics (undergrad seminar, @ GWU)

PS 630: States & Regimes (doctoral seminar)

PS 612: Qualitative Methods (doctoral seminar)

PS 608: Workshop on Professional Development (doctoral seminar)

PS 602: Supervised College Teaching (doctoral seminar)